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Diverse teams. International careers. Passion for languages. Great excellence, yours and ours.

Modern Polyglots’ international centre of excellence offers customised internships in numerous fields of work and companies throughout Ireland. Students and young professionals are given the opportunity to gain work experiences in the cities Cork, Dublin or Limerick, meanwhile discovering Ireland’s culture and nature.

“I am very happy that I chose to organize my internship in Ireland through the international centre of excellence of Modern Polyglots. The program was very well organized and offered plenty of support where needed. During my internship I was able to develop hands-on working experiences in a multinational environment and to improve my intercultural competences. This once in a life time opportunity opened my path for my future career.”

We will organize your internship and support you in applying for your visa, finding an accommodation and clarifying any questions. Our co-ordinators will act as a contact person on location to help you with everything you need.

Learn to live in Ireland and learn from living in Ireland. Do not hesitate to discover a new country and take the first step towards fulfilling your dream of an international career now!

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Why choosing us

Future international career

Your internship with us is the foundation of your future career. Take the advantages of getting a paid employment immediately after your internship when using our references and attending our work and interview trainings.

Intercultural competences

Develop a sense for differences and similarities in various cultures across the world while working within a diverse team.

English language proficiency

Improve your English during specialized language courses and bring your skills to perfection meanwhile working in a mixed team of local and international professionals.

Professional development

During your internship you will enhance your professional skills across various fields of work and develop a profound knowledge and ability of how to handle different situations in a professional manner.

Working environment

We know that happy employees are the most efficient ones and always strive to maintain a comfortable, but professional working environment and to offer our support. Every individual has an important, responsible role within our company.

Personal development

During your internship and your stay abroad, you will grow beyond your own borders, get to know yourself better and grow in character and strength.


In our ICE knowledgebase you will find additional important information regarding your internship. This page provides you with a detailed description from the legal point of view regarding your visa and immigration rights, as well as your insurance.

Succes stories

Below you can find our most succesful stories of past interns. Click on each intern to find out more about there tasks and the amazing time they have had working and learning with us.

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