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Did we reach your attention with our internship program? Do not hesitate and register with us now by following the instructions below. We are looking forward to receiving your registration and are happy to find you your most suitable and desired internship in Ireland.

Application steps

  1. You can download the enrolment form from our website and register online or we can send it to you by e-mail. You can also download the enrolment form and send it to our postal address (1st floor,7 South Mall, Cork, Ireland).
  2. Send/email us the enrolment form with detailed cover letter, outlining your expectations for an internship and skills you might already have; providing the following information:
    • For how long you are planning to have your internship;
    • Suitable starting date of internship;
    • Europass CV, or fill it out online at  Europass Online
  3. As soon as we receive the enrolment fee (possibility to pay via PayPal or Bank Account) we begin the search for a suitable internship for you.
  4. If we cannot offer you an internship placement, then we will reimburse your enrolment fee not later than in 28 working days.
  5. In most cases we require approximately 8-12 weeks to organise a suitable internship. If required, we can also arrange a language course and help in finding accommodation. In some cases, English classes may be compulsory according to results of your language test.
  6. We send you the documents and confirmation for your internship, language course and accommodation.
  7. You confirm that you have adequate insurance and send us copies of the policies for health insurance, public liability insurance and accident insurance. If you enrol for 52-weeks, insurance is included and work permit is issued. So, you can have 3 months of English classes that give you the right to work for 20h simultaneously and 40 h of work after completion of the courses.


We are working in close cooperation with sending institutions to ensure that candidates are highly motivated and possess the practical and intellectual knowledge required for the programme.

Candidates must meet the minimum requirements outlined in the section on entrance requirements provided by ICE MP and/or the sending organization.

No offers are made without applicants attending an interview. When applications are received, they are assessed to make sure that candidates fulfil the minimum requirements.

Candidates must:

  • Be highly motivated;
  • Be 18+ years old
  • Possess the practical and intellectual knowledge required for the programme;
  • Be well informed about the professional training programme in Ireland;
  • Register and complete a required application form, email us EUROPASS CV with the photo and copy of the passport/ID, in detailed Cover letter explain their mail goals for this internship;

Candidates who do not put enough effort in fulfilling the above requirements will be rejected without interview.

The interview is not intended to be an intimidating experience and ICE MP will try to put candidates at ease while evaluating the following:

  •  High Motivation and convincing approach to the programme
  • Capacity to deal in a foreign country;
  • Ability to multitask, flexibility and adaptability
  • Communication skills and confidentiality in dealing with customers.

There will be three possible outcomes as a result of the interview:

  • An offer to obtain experience in Ireland;
  • Waiting list for future proposals
  • Rejection

You will normally receive a response from the sending organization within 10 days after the interview.

Final Certification

Throughout their training, participants will be asked to prepare and submit several individual forms and reports. All the documentation must be completed professionally and in time to demonstrate candidate’s ongoing competency. As a result, successful participants will be awarded by validation and accreditation of their training/work period by:

  • Language Certificate
  • Work-experience Certificate
  • Europass’ Certificate

Personal Details

University Information

Extra Info

Maximum 2 files.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf doc docx.