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Be with Modern Polyglots and discover two things: shooting quality and the excellence- yours and our!
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爱尔兰公司modern polyglots 是为了提供合法的移民和商业服务才建立的。 除此原因也是为了实现你们的梦想,并且把爱尔兰变成你们的家, 创造事业的基础 但需要 一个合法资证的帮助。相信我们可以提供的, 况且这20年来我们已经帮过上千个人, 来之世界各地的。



可以帮助您在爱尔兰注册公司, 业务咨询。




多年来证明我们在移民、定居和商业投资中, 是成功的。 

我们有丰富的经验提供合法全面的服务,而且将会使你们了解更多爱尔兰最新的信息、 商业 、税制、 工作和在爱尔兰生活里的各个方面等等。

为什么选择Modern Polyglots?

1) 我们有不同的专业人员为您在爱尔兰提供最全面的服务。

2) 我们保证个人隐私而且单独处理不同的每一件事。

3) Modern Polyglots 是在爱尔兰的CRO 登记的。在每一个阶段首先以客人的利益着想, 即便个案失败也会找更专业的律师提供帮助。

4) 我们是爱尔兰第一家和中国客户交往的公司之一。 并且我们公司有专业精通人员讲中英文。

5) 我们将提供全面服务。 移民、签证、 投资、 留学、等。 所有关于爱尔兰的信息,您都能在我们公司找到。 这样一来,方便,二来,节省。

6) 为了更好地服务客户我们公司在科克,都柏林 和里摩力克 的市中心都有办事处。如果您本人不在爱尔兰, 可以通过Skype和我们联系。

详细情况您可以给我们发电子邮件。 英文服务 中文服务 或者进我们的网页

Our Interns

Daria Makarova
Office Administrator
I'm native Russian speaker with BA (Hons.) in “Linguistics and cross-cultural communication”. I’m fluent English/German speaker. With 8 years of experience in translating and interpreting and vast experience in medical translations I’m proud to be a part of dynamic group of specialists of Modern Polyglots Company.
Grit Unzner
Office Administrator
I’m from Erfurt, Germany and I study English and Italian translation at the renowned university of Heidelberg. This internship in Ireland is a very good opportunity for me to gain some practical experience in the field of translation. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree next year, I’m planning on doing my Master’s in either translation or interpreting.
Giulio Commisso
Marketing Analyst
My name is Giulio I’m a student at the University of Modena, I studied Marketing during my bachelor and Business Administration in my master degree.I had the opportunity to come here in Cork and work for Modern Polyglots where I was able to practise what I had studied in Italy.I like to start analysing the competitor’s strategy, the environment where the company work and collect data as much as possible in order to plan a new and more efficient strategy for the company where I work.I believe that only knowing all the information, it is possible plan a new efficient strategy and there is nothing more stimulating than plan a new Marketing strategy for a small young company.I'm fascinated from the business world, I hope to be able to run a business on my own one day.
Chris Hong
Web Developer
Reviewing my internship at Modern Polyglots, it has been a rewarding experience and I am sure that it will help me with job opportunities in the future. As a web developer, I have learned a lot thanks to this internship. Being a developer is not only about programming skills themselves, but also about balance how your works fit users’ requirements. I’m very glad that I spent an internship at Modern Polyglots.
Angela Jordan
Office Manager
Hi, my name is Anđela (Angela) and I am a student of the University of Zadar, Croatia. I mastered History and Archaeology recently, but due to my passion for languages and the intense courses of English I have taken throughout my education, I wanted to try out something related to it and improve my knowledge of English even better, as well as my other languages. Modern Polyglots has recognized my potential and asked me to join their team. Living in Ireland has thought me the independent living and working in Modern Polyglots have given me wonderful friendships, which I will cherish always and of course, great possibilities to improve my language skills, from English to Italian, Spanish and German, which will be of great help to me in my future career.
Marialuisa Calatozzo
Office Administrator
My name is Marialuisa .I have a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages for International Communication. My studies gave me a deep understanding of English and French Languages, as well as linguistics. I am able to provide accurate translations from English/French to Italian and vice versa.My working experiences both in France, as Italian Language Assistant, and in Ireland, as Translator for Modern Polyglots Ltd., gave me a further opportunity to put into practice my knowledge and to be able to perform translations accurately, even on tight deadlines, if required.
Veronica Balica
Office Administrator
My name is Veronica and I'm a Romanian native speaker. I have studied Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna for 4 years, a period in which I improved my Italian in the best way possible. My previous studies at the College of Commerce, my passion for medicine and my experience as interpreter in District Court and Civil Registration Offices are very useful to the translation business. During the internship period at Modern Polyglots Agency I added extra value to my practical experience and acquired management and administrative skills, as well as strong communicative skills by dealing on the daily basis with our customers, partners and co-workers.
Aldovino Di Michele
Accounting - Marketing
Hi. My name is Aldovino. I come from Italy and I am a student undertaking a Master of Science in “Accounting and Management” at the University of Siena. Here in Modern Polyglots Ltd., I deal with Marketing, Accounting and Business Development. This internship, thanks to the professional working environment, is a great opportunity both to improve my English proficiency and to practice what I learned and am learning during my academic path.
Aline Louapre
Legal Adviser
 Hello, my name is Aline. I am French and I am studying insurance law at the University of Lyon. I am undertaking an internship at Modern Polyglots for six months and I consider myself lucky to have this job! I translate legal documents from French to English and from English to French, and I find it very interesting. It is a great opportunity for me to improve my English and my legal skills. This experience will be very important for my future career.
Anton Popov
Translator - Office Administrator
 Hi! My name is Anton and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. Currently I am finishing my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics at the Metropolitan University Prague.  I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & European Studies, from the same university. My internship at Modern Polyglots helped me a lot to get valuable experience, improve professionally, put my skills – both personal and gained at the university – into practice and get familiar with the most essential processes behind legal translation. At MP, I have learned how to advertise, deal with clients as a receptionist and an office administrator, how to sort out problems with strict deadlines and conflict resolution skills. During my internship, I got a few opportunities to use all the languages I speak – English, Russian, Czech and Ukrainian – and apply them all while doing translations, proofreading, editing and advertising. I’ve improved as a team worker and worked on my own.  I am sure that the experience gained at Modern Polyglots will help me in future professional life. 
Klara Stradnova
Office Administrator
 Hi, my name is Klára. I am from the Czech Republic and after my Masters studies in the Faculty of Economics at the University of West Bohemia I decided to go abroad to gain practical skills and improve my level of English. I had chosen to go to  Modern Polyglost Ltd. and I stayed there for six months. I gained rewarding working experience from doing administration work , marketing and  translation and I hope that it will be useful for my future working and personal life.    
Lucia Roldan
Office Administrator
 My name is Lucia and I am a Spanish student of Business Administration and Tourism at Rey Juan Carlos University. I came to Ireland to do my internship at Modern Polyglots because I wanted to improve my English and put into practise my skills. Being an office administrator not only taught me how a translation agency and legal advice works, but also the importance of dealing with clients and freelancers in a calm and friendly atmosphere.
Mária Jurčišinová
Legal Adviser
 Hi, I´m Maria and I became an intern at Modern Polyglots Agency after graduating from Law Faculty of Paneuropean University in Bratislava. Because of my passion for traveling and European law, I´ve decided to take an advantage of the possibility to join the Internship Program in an English-speaking country. I´ve already learnt so much here from dealing with the legal issues and I´m working on my language skills by translating the documents from the different languages, what I am sure will help me in my future professional life. It is so nice to work in Modern Polyglots and I am looking forward to the next experiences  
Simona Fulco
Office Administrator
Hi! My name is Simona and I am a native Italian speaker. I graduated from the University Of Naples “L’Orientale” with a master’s degree in Linguistics and Specialised Translation.I am able to provide translations from English and Arabic into Italian (and vice versa).I decided to do the internship at Modern Polyglots Ltd because it is an opportunity to improve my translation skills as well as my communication abilities.
Miguel Espinoza
Office Administrator
I’m a native Spanish speaker, I studied Humanities in Spain and at UCC in Cork. I like Cork city and I like working for Modern Polyglots. Here I can improve my English language skills, gain valuable work experience and learn how companies work in this country. If you are looking for a right place to work in, my advice is - choose Modern Polyglots: the great team of incredible people.
Iveta Dvořáková
HR Manger – Translator
Hello, my name is Iveta and I am from the Czech Republic. Because of my passion for languages, I finished my Bachelor in English and German for Commercial purposes and later started part-time Master studies focused on Anglophone countries. Moreover I can speak Spanish and a little bit of Russian. That’s why I have chosen the internship in Ireland at Modern Polyglots. It comprises both – working in English speaking country in a multi-lingual team and using all my language skills.
Daniele Giglio
Office Administrator
Hi! I am Daniele Giglio, an Italian postgraduate student of finance at the University of Siena. I regard this internship as a chance to improve my English skills. If you are looking for an experience abroad, Modern Polyglots is the right choice for you. The multi-lingual team of colleagues helps you understand the realities of other countries and of the world itself better. Can you imagine: although we speak different languages we understand each other perfectly!
Alessia Lo Monaco
Office Administrator
Hi! My name is Alessia Lo Monaco and I come from Italy. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages. I can speak English and German. I am an Office Administrator and Translator at Modern Polyglots. I decided to do my internship here in order to develop my professional and language skills. The main project I am working on is the video called “Who is Polyglot?” which helped me to understand multi-lingual people and the ways in which different cultures co-exist in their lives better.
Serena Petrone
Office Administrator - Translator
My name is Serena and I am an Italian native speaker. I graduated from the University of Bologna with a BA degree in Asian Languages, Markets and Culture. I am able to provide translations from Italian and Chinese into English (and vice versa). My experience in Ireland was a great opportunity to improve my language and translation skills. Modern Polyglost will provide you with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn new languages, discover your potential and to carry out projects together with a multi-cultural team. Your new colleagues may become your real friends as experiences of exploring the world together are usually unforgettable.
Miglė Laurinavičiūtė
Office Administrator - Translator
Hi! My name is Migle and I study English Philology and Psychology at Vilnius University, Lithuania. Since many graduates of philology choose translations as their future career, I took up this internship as an opportunity to try my hand at the field as well as a chance to meet new people and work in a multicultural environment.
Alicja Białogłowska
Office Administrator - Translator
Hello! I am Alicja from Rzeszow University of Technology, where I do a Project management degree. I am a polyglot myself. I speak 6 languages: Polish, English, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. I chose Modern Polyglots Agency for my internship because studying foreign languages is my favourite occupation. Working in a multi-lingual team and communicating in different languages on everyday basis provides me with such an experience.
Linda Job
Office Administrator
Hi, my name is Linda and I am from Germany. I study Translation and Interpreting at Saarland University and I can speak English, Spanish and French. I wanted to come to Ireland to improve my translation and my communication skills and I was delighted that Modern Polyglots gave me the opportunity to work in an international team.
Yu Ting He Zhang
Office Administrator
I am currently a student of a Double Grade in International Business and Translation and Interpreting. In 2014 I became a member of ICE Modern Polyglots which gave me a great opportunity to improve my language skills. I can speak fluently English, Chinese, French and Spanish.I really appreciated having been part of this company which gave an excellent experience.Work in ICE Modern Polyglots, a professional team and a friendly staff.
Marina Ranalli
Office Administrator
I am Marina, a native Italian speaker. I am taking a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Liaison Interpreting and I am fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and English.                                                            As Office Administrator in Modern Polyglots I had the opportunity to put into practice my translation skills and to improve my communication skills as well.
Simona Altieri
Event Manager
My name is Simona Altieri and I am an Italian student from University “L’Orientale” in Naples.I study Russian and English, but I also studied French and Spanish. Here in Modern Polyglots I had the opportunity to improve my language skills.In Modern Polyglots I learnt how to make legal translation and I had the opportunity to translate from French/Italian/Russian into English. This experience allowed me to use my knowledge gained at university and gave me new skills.
Vanessa Willenberg
Human Resources Manager
My name is Vanessa and I am a German native speaker. I have studied English linguistics and literature in Spain and took a Master’s degree in teaching, there. I started working in a language school in Mallorca while I was translating academic articles for my university, which I really loved. Nevertheless, I think that as an English teacher, it is essential to have spent some time in an English speaking country, so Ireland and the internship at Modern Polyglots was a great opportunity for me to enhance my language skills and cultural knowledge.
Benedetta Petrosino
Office Administrator
Hi! My name is Benedetta Petrosino and I am from Italy. I acquired a Bachelor Degree in Compared Languages and Cultures at the University of Naples “L’Orientale” in 2013 and I am currently a Master student in English and Chinese. I decided to do an internship in Ireland at Modern Polyglots Ltd because I think that the best way to upgrade personal working skills comes from experiencing the fieldwork, and that is what I am doing here. I hope that this experience abroad will be useful to improve my translating skills more and more.
Rolof Schmid
Conflict Resolution Manager
My name is Rolof and I’m from Austria. Currently I’m a student of Text and Languages at the University of Passau, Germany. I speak German and English and I also started to study Spanish, French and Italian.I’m happy to be given the opportunity to do an internship at Modern Polyglots and to be able to gain practical experience in the professional field of translation as well as to develop my administrative and management skills. Of course also the improvement of my English skills should be of great benefit for my future life and career.Being able to do this internship in the beautiful country of Ireland and having co-workers whom I love and appreciate very much makes this experience very special.
Claudia Serrani
Office Administrator
Hi, my name is Claudia. I’m Italian and I’m studying a Master’s degree in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation at the University of Macerata. I think that this internship was a wonderful opportunity to put into practice my knowledge, to experience how a translation agency works and of course improve my skills and my English. For all these reasons I think this experience will be very useful for my future career.
Meriem Jradi
Office Administrator & Translator
Hi,I am Meriem, from Tunisia and I am French speaking office administrator at Modern Polyglots, multinational and multicultural company. If you are looking for an enriching experience in Translation, Interpretation and Communication, you will be thrilled to have it both in Modern Polyglots and in Ireland.  Ireland is a welcoming, exciting and cosy country. Modern Polyglots is a place to learn new skills and meet new people.So, what are you waiting for?
Vitalia Sava
PR Manager
I am currently a student of Law and French at UCC. I am fluent in Russian, Romanian, English and French. I have worked at Modern Polyglots during the summer 2013. Modern Polyglots has given me a great opportunity to improve my translation and interpreting skills, as well as my communication skills.It is a highly professional company with a great working environment and I am glad to be part of it.If you are thinking of doing internship in Ireland, I highly recommend you to apply to ICE Modern Polyglots! You will really enjoy being a part of young international team, friendly atmosphere and great opportunities to learn new languages and train as an administrator.
Andrea Nardinocchi
Office administrator
Hi guys, my name is Andrea Nardinocchi, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Sport Sciences and am expected to obtain a Master’s Degree in Management and Business Communication at the University of Teramo, Italy, in few days. My choice to pack up my luggage in Italy and come here to Modern Polyglots was driven by my passion for foreign languages since I have a good knowledge of English, Spanish, Portuguese and, of course, my mother-tongue, Italian. Modern Polyglots gave me the honour and chance to manage all digital communication and I was soon promoted as Digital Content Manager. I strongly endorse an internship in this agency since not only will you improve your linguistic and administration skills but you will also gain an invaluable and unforgettable experience of life.
Gabriela Díaz
Office administrator
Hi! My name is Gabriela Díaz and I worked as an Office Administrator and Translator in Modern Polyglots. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting and a specialised course in Audio-visual Translation. My mother tongue is Spanish, and I also speak English and French. This internship was very interesting. It helped me get acquainted with a whole translation process, to deal with customers while solving their queries and specially to acquire experience in the legal translation field.



本公司提供很多实习的机会 :


网站 开发人员,



持续3,6,9 个月


如果您决定在我们的公司做您的实习,并愿意来三个月多,我们也可以为您提供英语棵从2个到12 个星期,在住宿艘帮助您,1个星期的实习培训及文化计划及无新实习,这个实习以后也可以延长合同。


1)您可以从网站上下载报名表 ( 然后网上报名或者我们可以通过电子邮件发送给您这个报名表。您也可以下载这个报名表然后传送它给我们的地址:(1stfloor,7 South Mall, Cork,Ireland)

2)发送/发电子邮件给我们详细的求知信,报名表,列出您的希望关于您的实习及技能您可能已经有了, 发给我们以下信息:



5)在大多情况下,我们约需要8-12 个星期以安排合适的实习。如果您需要了,我们也可以安排语言棵,并在寻找住宿帮助。在某些情况下,英语棵将取决于您的语言测试。


您确认您有足够的保险,并发给我们您复制的医疗保险,公众责任保险和意外伤害保险。如果您报名为52个星期的保险就包括工作许可证。所以您将有英语棵为3个月 。So you can have 3 months of English classes that give you right to work for 20 h after courses they can work for 40 h.





我们的合作伙伴-语言学校提供了一个特别计划 - “一年国外” 费用900欧元。这个计划包括专任的英语棵为3个月 - 每个星期有24小时,兼任的英语棵为3个月 – 每个星期有16小时及工作许可为1年。通过这个工作许可您可以得到高薪的工作。价格包括 :英语棵为1年,学生签证,对于非欧洲公民的工作许可,实习的训练。


主要办事处First floor, 7 South Mall, Cork 电话+ 353 212 414 447/ +353 85 105 00 24

分支机构Third floor,73 O’Connell Street, Limerick 电话: +353 851192911/ +35361276306





What better place to learn English than Ireland, a country well known for the warmth and friendliness of its people, the stunning natural beauty of its landscapes and coasts and the richness of its music, theatre and literary traditions? George Bernard Shaw claimed that the best English is spoken in Ireland. With many of the most famous names of English literature being Irish – Yeats, Beckett, Wilde, Joyce – and with the Irish being famous for the art of conversation it is easy to understand why.

Large Island
Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe. It lies in the Atlantic Ocean and is composed of the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), a state which covers five sixths of the island (south, east, west and north-west), and Northern Ireland; part of the United Kingdom, which covers the north-eastern sixth of the island. The population of the island is approximately 5.8 million people (2001); 4.1 million in the Republic of Ireland (1.6 million in Greater Dublin) and 1.7 million in Northern Ireland (0.8 million in Greater Belfast).

Ireland is divided into four provinces: Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster. Across Ireland, the 32 counties are still used in sports and in some other cultural areas and retain a strong sense of local identity. Ireland's least arable land lies in the south-western and western counties. These areas are largely spectacularly mountainous and rocky, with beautiful green vistas.

Culture and Tradition

Now a modern and prosperous European country, Ireland still treasures its strong cultural and historic traditions. In fact, the traditional and the modern sit comfortably side by side. Ireland is a safe, un-crowded country with clean waters and clean air. It provides an ideal location for a wide variety of outdoor sports and pastimes, among them fishing, horse riding, sailing, golf and hill-walking. For the less active, there is a range of indoor social and cultural activities too.

If you would like to go to Ireland to experience the culture whilst improving your English through an internship, we can help. 
With our extensive network of companies and contacts we are in the perfect position to offer you all the support you need in your application for an internship in Ireland.